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NET Studios Inc. is one of the few internet marketing companies that goes beyond the shrink-wrapped marketing in a box. We build relationships with our customers that provides an all-in-one solution that includes real humans, marketing experts, developers, designers, content writers, and video production.
"CEOs who play it safe will be putting themselves and their companies at risk in 2018. It will be a year of dynamic change—from keeping up with new technologies to holding on to their best and brightest." states Karan Talley, editor of, former journalist from Dow Jones/The Wall Street Journal

Aligning your brand for success

Digital marketing strategies is unique to the organizations and industries in which they compete. With IT talent is scarce, your chances of success just got smallerget even smaller,. With the resources of finding "experienced"
The most dominate search engine in the world.
Facebook is an emerging leader in digital marketing.
Bing is the search of choice for the older generation.
2nd largest search engine behind Google.
Yelp displays customer reviews establishing trust.
Build and engage your audience with Twitter.
Google+ used by mostly males is Google's social platform.
Pinterest helps ecommerce companies push products.
Instagram owned by Facebook helps you build your brand.

Hiring the right IT talent

Many small and local companies face the challenge of hiring the right IT sources, especially when a company is new or a startup. We understand your concerns and making the wrong decision could cost you everything. In order to compete, you need a digital marketing team that provides full growth strategies that includes branding, marketing, design and development, but most important is a proven track record of the IT service provider. Our solutions are lead by industry experts across the globe with a proven track record that will grow with your business.
“No one wants to be part of a digital transformation failure, but let's be realistic -- creating and instituting a fully digital process is hard. It may seem easier to act like an ostrich and put your head in the sand, ignore this new business model and hope that this is a fad that will pass... Source: Dec 19 2017

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Joanne Bolos, founder of Secret of the Islands | Columbia, South Carolina
“We launched our brand in 2009. We hired Dan and Jason from Net Studios to develop our ecommerce site and search engine marketing, Overall we are very happy with their service, I recommend their service.”