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Trusted by top Fortune 500 companies including Office Max, Nike, Olympus and over 20,000+ others.

Magento's open source ecommerce platform

Magento's e-commerce platform provides a scalable commerce solution that scales as your business grows, always up-to-date with the latest technologies and provides a "SAFE" buying experience that will give you peace of mind.
Magento Commerce
Some of the largest brands trust Magento's open source platform. With consumer behavior changing daily it's important your e-commerce solution stays updated with the ever-evolving world of e-commerce. Magento has a global network of 150,000+ developers that constantly update the framework to scale with the latest trends.
Open Source
Open source software has transformed the way IT companies do business. In past times, IT companies would hire an endless number of developers to build and develop software. Today most companies use an open source platform that enables a global team of developers to inspect, modify, and enhance the software, without having to add them to the payroll.

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The benefits of Magento's commerce platform

Some of the world’s largest brands use Magento, an open source platfrom that is flexibile and scalable. Open source technology provides a global ecosystem of 150,000+ developers that maintain the code, you never have to worry about outdated technology.
Open Source
A flexible open source commerce platform that scales with technology.
Relied assurance with over one hundred thousand retailers worldwide.
Maintained and improved using a global network of developers.
Everything you need to run your business including reports, data & analytics.
Cost Effective
Very cost effective with no license fees, making it very cost effective.
Supports full customization tailored to your business.
Don't be taken hostage by your developer, easily replace dev teams.
Multiple Stores
Easily manage unlimited stores from a single control panel.
Supports the growing demand of mobile users and technology.

Our customers are saying...

Ray Stratford, founder of Brioso Pasta | Clemson, South Carolina
"Net Studios Inc. created and manages our ecommerce website. Overall we are very happy, we did have some bumps in the road along the way, but I can say overall it has been good experience. Integrating online ordering for our restaurant was a great idea.